Join us in protecting the environment!

Our Green Initiative

We are committed to keeping both health and the environment as equal top priorities. Talk to us about how we can work together to find the right balance between convenience and responsibility.


Organic and Fair Trade Products

We provide you with the same specialized products as you might fill your own pantry shelves with at home. We carry a wide array of organic and fair trade items, ready to deploy to your breakroom. And, requests for new items are always welcome!

Green-forward Approach to Packaging

Our pantry customers are provided with bulk items on their shelves to minimize the use of single-serve packaging. And, we seek out manufacturers who are innovation leaders when it comes to environmentally-friendly packaging.

Compostable and Recyclable Supplies

We know that the number of plates, cups and utensils a breakroom goes through can really add up. So, our customers have the option of ordering eco-friendly kitchen items like high-quality biodegradable tableware and cutlery.

Healthly Options

We can help you provide wholesome, healthy products for your breakroom…one of the best benefits you can offer employees. Whole grains, dairy-free milk, fresh fruit and more can be requested. Couple that with low environmental impact products, and both employees and the earth will thank you!